We regret that we cannot give the proper recognition to everyone who appears in the following videos. Many thanks to all involved!

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'Hosting Regionals' .wmv .mov

ESA regionals were held today at Jeanette's Peir in a frothy mess. However, there was some great surfing going on everywhere else on the Outer Banks. I started at NHP where a huge outside roller was tons of fun, and the Puerto Rican ESA bodyboard contingent was in full effect on the inside. Down south I found VB's Brendan Petticrew and Jeff Myers as well as several ESA kids after their heats like Slater Powell and's current covergirl Keenan Linebeck. Barrel's for everyone! Music by Freedom Hawk from VB.




'Bored Dumb' .wmv .mov

Anyone else been going a little crazy with the lack of surf this winter? STUPID KID and friends decided that the next best thing to surfing would be a mini-ramp, so we built one. So we're not the best skaters in the world, but I bet you don't have a mini-ramp in your backyard! Invite only suckas! Stay tuned for future vids. Music is by Wilmington (?) guys The Majestic Twelve - a track provided by Triple9music.




'Finale' .wmv .mov

Here's the final vid I will produce from Hawaii. I've never had to leave out so many high quality shots, I didn't even upload all the best stuff. Luke Stedmon, Rizal Tanjung, Peter Medina, and CJ Hobgood are just some of the big names in this one- but the lesser known guys are just as impressive. Music is once again provided by Va Beach's own Freedom Hawk. So, I guess that's it for 2006. Many thanks to John Wright ( for the Hawaii trip, as well as all the supporters at SurfKDH, Surfline, Wickedquiver, New York Surf Blog,, and ESM. If anyone needs some footage- email me- Happy New Year.



'Free Surf Triple Threat' .wmv .mov

From December 1st-9th, I was surfing and shooting between Rock Piles and Sunset, and everywhere I turned the top 44 were either winding down from the Sunset contest or getting ready for the Pipe Masters to start. Three guys that kept showing up at the best spots were Taj Burrow, Bobby Martinez and Damien Hobgood. Here's a short vid dedicated to those guys. The music on this one is a sample from the band Organix, once again suggested by my man Chad over at Triple 9 Music.

Stay tuned for the third hawaii vid- a compelation of all the great surfing from the throngs of pros such as Luke Stedmon, Rizal Tanjung, Peter Medina, CJ Hobgood... and tons more including a handfull of guys I don't even know- they just rip. Rocky Point was the spot and there was so much footage, I can't believe all the good stuff that is going to get left out! -STUPID KID



'East Meets North, Shore' .wmv .mov

STUPID KID is back from vacation and drowning in video of the first big swell to hit the North Shore this winter. Meeting up with fellow East Coasters from WRV; Wes Laine, Brenden Petticrew, Ian Parnell, Jeff Myers, Will Skudin, and Sean Killarney, I commuted every day for a week from Waikiki with fellow photographer John Wright ( to surf and shoot the madness. This first video is all east coast, had to pass on the love right away. Music on this one is 'Tripdavon' (, a band with ties to Will so check them out.




'Last of Helene' .wmv .mov

I don't know if this sweet little swell is actually leftovers from our baby Helene, but I do know the ESA Easterns ended today and the entire east coast went free surfing. From S-Turns to the lighthouse and finally Boilers, STUPID KID and VB road-tripper John Wright ( started early to cover all the fun. Will Skudin, Justin Schubb, Barry Price and SurfKDH's Ryan Kingsbury were here and there rippin' along with about 10,000 kids straight out of their final ESA heats. Music on this one is Dead Letter Auction ( from Indiana, provided by my man Chad Davis over at Check out the band's music on their myspace or on and for more from Triple 9, check out this link.



'Easterns Begins' .wmv .mov

Update: Sorry to the band Corners Cut on this one - I screwed up and originally posted them as Suckerpunch. So, check out Corners Cut for the goods at, including their latest songs and a new version of 'Taking Both Sides,' and please excuse my f*#@k up. -STUPID KID

We've had some great waves from all these hurricanes and low pressures and I finally managed to stop working and surfing long enough to shoot some video- and just in time for ESA's Easterns championship. The contest's first day was great and even the free surfing was impressive on both sides of the lighthouse groin. For results and updates check out Making the trip south once again was John Wright, so check out his site for pictures of the event- everything is for sale so give him a shout and get a print in the mail! Thanks once again for music by Corners Cut from VA.



'Welcome To Puerto Rico' - Vargallen Productions

Hope everyone got their surf in today, I know I did. Didn't make a video though- instead, STUPID KID is taking some time off and giving some exposure to another east coast video friend. Travis Varga and a whole crew of UNCW team members recorded their last trip to Puerto and put together a short film of their trip. It was too long to post all at once, but stay tuned! I'll be breaking it down and posting the entire video in shorter segments in the week to come. Like what you see? email me and I can forward you on to Travis and the crew.

8/27/2006- 'Open' .wmv .mov

8/30/2006- 'Tony Silvagni' .wmv .mov

8/31/2006- 'Travis Varga' .wmv .mov

9/5/2006- 'Jarrod Gould' .wmv .mov

9/7/2006- 'Billy Sweeny' .wmv .mov

9/11/2006- 'Margie Coxe, Tommy Coates, Jared Coyne, Eric Mendelson and Friends' .wmv .mov

9/17/2006- 'Andy Carter' .wmv .mov

9/17/2006- 'Bails and Credits' .wmv .mov

The whole video is now posted- enjoy!

Also- in other news- check out Zoo York's newest vid "Headfirst" featuring the biggest swells from the east coast to Billabong's XXL winner from last year- Our man Will Skudin is touring the DVD all over the place these days so check it out and give a hoot for the killer Lighthouse footage from STUPID KID productions and



'Rip Curl Grom Search 2006' .wmv .mov

Caught the final heats of the Rip Curl Grom Search in Kitty Hawk today in a choppy mess of a nor'easter. At least the waves were better than last year. John Wright of was there taking pictures too- so everyone go see if he got a shot of you! Also, check out for final standings and updates on where they are going next... NJ maybe? Thanks to Virginia Beach band 'Freedom Hawk' for their song "North Swell." T.R. hooked me up so check them out on their myspace or their soon to be up and running Still looking for a sponsorship here- so if anyone knows of a company that would like their ad attached to these videos for the world to see- send 'em my way- it doesn't cost a lot and the videos are seen accross the country and the world!



'Sunday Travels' .wmv .mov

After a few months of work and little else, STUPID KID got waves on a Sunday and took advantage by running all up and down the island shooting whatever surfed. A morning session in town... a Red Bull tour stop down south... It was a good day. While Daff, Not-Not, Granpa, K-Bury and the rest of the local crowd caught first light north of the bridge, I later caught up with Tommy Moore, Lucas Rogers, Nigel Haynes, Granger Larson, Andrew Meyer, and Brendon Petticrew caught more air time than C-SPAN further south. Music is provided by local boys "Be a You." For more, check out John Wright photos at



'OBX Cold Water Classic' .wmv .mov

Young Finch and Company took advantage of some chunky windswell this weekend for yet another home-grown surf contest, the Cold Water Classic. My hands went numb after the first heat, but here's a taste of the action. Congrats to Jessie "Big Bird" Hines on the win. Also making a show in the slop was Vince from Maryland in second, Zack Kenny in third and Zane McKnight in fourth. Brant Doyle received the "Dedication" award and Zane won "Best Trick" with a fins free gouge. Special thanks also go out to New OBX resident Chad Davis of Triple9Music for hooking us up with some new beats from Organix (out of Wilmington).



'In Between' .wmv .mov

Finally waves hit on a weekend and the STUPID KID crew was out in force to catch the fun! Once again EA Video Productions hooked us up with some gear. If you need some video services in Hampton Roads, call Ed, he's got the goods. Invited to a special spot south of town by the likes of Noah Snyder, Jesse Hines, Brant Doyle, Craig Watson and friends, two cameras and a ton of help from Daff on the beach made for a good day of surfing and plenty of footage. Also, thanks to a little floatation from a friend of a friend, Mark (?), I was able to keep my head above water for this attempt with the water housing. Music on this one spans the country, starting with San Fran Bay area boys Bag of Toys. My man Robert hit me up from the west coast to get his band a little air play and I thank him very much. Also on the vid is singer, songwriter, producer, and VB local Jesse Chong who hooked me up with a couple of CDs last week just for asking. Had to use this track for the OBX props alone. Plan on hearing more from both these artists plus some Wilmington bands I'm plenty excited about in upcoming STUPID KID productions!



'New Year' .wmv .mov

Well, it's next year already and 'STUPID KID' is still braving the elements and an empty bank account to bring free video to the masses. And how could a stupid kid get even stupid-er you ask? How about taking thousands of dollars worth of video equipment into 40 degree water during the ever-scarce daylight hour between work and dark on a Saturday? Done. Many thanks to my man Ed over at EA Video Productions for loaning me the gear. Noah Snyder and fellow local weekend warriors pulled on the rubber this evening and enjoyed some small scale surf while trying not to run over some wacko flopping around in the impact zone with a 20 pound scuba housing strapped to his hand. It'll take some practice, but I hope to get better in days to come. Thanks to Noah Garrett once again for the tune... And thanks also to Christian over at for all the exposure last year. 'STUPID KID's video 'Sweet Irene' was the 5th most watched video in their 'Locals' section! Local band 'Mullet Roe' got tons of exposure on that one...



'2 Feet tall' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Can't figure out what to do when you work 'till dark everyday and the waves blow out by the weekend? Never under estimate the motivation a jet ski can bring on a 2 foot day. Don't want to divuldge names on this one, just in case Johnny Law Dog has a problem. Can't wait to see these guys on a bigger day. Backside Slappy provides the tunes for the chaos that ensues.



'Small Waves and Saturdays' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Shorter days, small waves, and work on Saturdays has limited STUPID KID's video time, but thanks to a day off and a little wind chop, here's a short vid. Many thanks all the locals who braved the tiny bump and to local DJ, Journalist, and newest Acclaim Records signee Noah Garrett for the music.



'Bob's House' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

NagChaumpa called up STUPID KID this week and invited us to a little shindig up in Duck. There were a couple of birthdays, an anniversary too maybe, but mainly a lot of ripping in Bob's pool, all come to be known as "Cornfest." Several pros were there including Dale Vusta, Julian, and Josh (Anyone know last names?). And of course NagChaumpa rockin out just feet from the deep end. Check it out!



'What The...?' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

A strong northeast wind has been blowing here on the OBX for weeks and the wind chop has grown to a nearly impossible size, with a strong current and sand sucking closeouts. So, STUPID KID took a trip to their favorite cove this weekend and came across Jesse Hines, Will Skudin, Jason Andre, Brett Barley, Morgan O'Connel, Cash Barris, Joey Crumb and a handfull of other local and visiting chargers at the lighthouse. The beach was packed for this spontaneous show of barrel riding and a collective "What The...?" was on the lips of everyone who witnessed it. Backside Slappy is back for this soundtrack so check it out! -Stay tuned to for more video, including last night's bash at Bob's house in Duck. Pool riding with NagChaumpa and friends is on the way!

Update 10/30/2005: "What the...?" is by far the most popular video so far here on Abstract Video Design. Surfline picked up the vid right away and gave it the #1 spot for several weeks on their front page, including a pic of Jesse Hines in the big box. The Coastland Times (Local newspaper) ran an article on the success of the site and I have been bombarded by surf film directors far and wide trying to get their hands on these shots! Lucky for Will Skudin, his sponsor Zoo York swooped down and snatched the footage first - so look for it in their debut surf vid! ESM may have a sneak peek in their new film as well. Just imagine how much exposure your business would have received with a simple sponsorship! Still no new takers. Thanks to all the bands submitting music, I'm always in need. -STUPID KID

Update 10/17/2005: Wow! already used up half my bandwidth in two days! Thanks to everyone checking the site, you guys rock! Help me out if you can though and right click the .mov and/or .wmv and choose "save as." I am getting so many hits I am going to run out of bandwidth and the site may shut down for awhile. But have no fear! It will be back! -STUPID KID



'WRV Outer Banks Pro: Part 2'

Quarterfinals: .wmv .mov (Please right click and choose "save as")

Semifinals: .wmv .mov (Please right click and choose "save as")

Finals: .wmv .mov (Please right click and choose "save as")

And just like that, its over. Your finalists; Asher Nolan, Aaron Cormican, Jeremy Johnston, and your winner... Jesse Merle-Jones. Congrats to everyone who made it to the final day of the WRV Outer Banks Pro, hopefully it can stick around another year! I hope thats enough surf video to keep you happy for awhile, I'm exhausted! Thanks again to NagChaumpa for the music, pick up their newest album or Skatopia DVD at their website, or check them out skating around the OBX in a couple of weeks. 'Till next time... I'm going to bed!



'WRV Outer Banks Pro: Part 1' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

The WRV Outer Banks Pro was resurrected this year at the Jeanettes Pier in Nags Head. The on-shore winds chopped up the beautiful waves from earlier in the week, but the pros were out in full force. Pat O'Connell and Matt Archbold as well as local and regional pros Noah Snyder, Jeff Meyer, Ben Bourgeois and Aaron Cormican, were on hand to wow the crowd. And for those poor suckers stuck at work or home, ran live updates all day to keep fans up-to-date. Check them out for all the results and pictures! Music on this one is a special request... NagChaumpa gave permission to use their whole album if need be. Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting final!


'Navistar Passage' .wmv .mov

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As the days get shorter and the hurricane season comes into its own here on the Outer Banks, STUPID KID productions is dropping the ball a little. Surfing until dark instead of shooting, and going to weddings at the worst possible times (miss you Ophelia... Ali G, you owe me!). Don't want to let you viewers down, but what do you expect for free anyway? Luckily, thanks to local boy Sam Finch and Co., here's a little something to keep you happy. Cruisin' the Navistar all over Indo earlier this year, Sam got some footage and pics of some pristine sweetness for those of us waiting for the next swell good time. Anonymous Prime musician Berg-e-berg was on board too, and hooked us up with some tunes for this one. Check out their website for even more Indo video!


'Mid-Atlantic Wakeboard Series: Lake Anna 2005' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

ECSC was this weekend up in Va Beach, and STUPID KID missed the whole thing, travelling instead all the way to Lake Anna for the Mid-Atlantic Wakeboarding Series on behalf of Cutting Edge Watersports (Chesapeake). It was an overcast and rainy day for everyone who showed up, but for surfers from the Outer Banks, it was a treat to see something new. Doug from Cutting Edge gave us the hook-up to ride on the Malibu pull boat and it was a full day of 'Indie 360 Double-Ups (?) and 'Backside Tantrums! (?) Music on this one is again, Macgregor. Check them out online and beg them to go on tour again, or at least buy a cd, those guys rock and could use the cash.



'Quicksilver Surf Shop Challenge' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Quicksilver and Surfer Magazine set up shop in Kitty Hawk today to throw an old fashioned east coast shop battle. Blazing temps and ever-shrinking waves were the issue of the day as shops from the Outer Banks, Virginia Beach and beyond hopped and groveled their way through hour-long tag-team heats. Check out the results on Also a big thank you to Suckerpunch for their music on this one - keep the .mp3's coming everyone! And for pictures of the event, check out John Wright's website:



'Rip Curl Grom Search 2005' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Rip Curl and a host of other national sponsors rolled into town to take a look at the up-and-coming groms in Kitty Hawk today. It was a long day of little rippers, even smaller waves, and beautiful water temps for everyone to enjoy. Check out for results. Many thanks to Virginia's 'Backside Slappy' ( for the music... and don't forget to tell your friends to check out the best surf video site on the Outer Banks: Abstract Video Design! See pictures of today's event on



'Sweet Irene' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Everyone in town was watching Irene all week but it took a short drive south to score the biggest swell. I shot some killer footage all weekend, just to start editing tonight and find out that my camera needs new heads! Ruined footage for everyone! Anyway, I put together what I could salvage from today (Sunday), hope you like it. Many thanks to Surfline for their sponsorship, check out their new KDH cam online and "Know Before You Go." Also, Mullet Roe returning on the soundtrack. Any other bands want a shot? Send it out way:




'Remains' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Some fun leftovers were mobbed all day at the best Outer Banks peaks. Even the beach cops were in a tizzy with all the excitement. Leash laws and 'no surf zones'? C'mon guys, aren't there better things to worry about? Anyway, the band NagChaumpa is back on this vid, check it out!



'Shore Leave' #1 .wmv .mov

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'Shore Leave' #2 .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

The swell finally arrived and the STUPID KID crew had to take a little 'leave' from work. Glad we did. With a little help from Tom M. (WRV, Billabong), Jeremy P. (Volcom), Matt H. (WRV), and Marc F. (Ability), as well as countless other job skippers, we shot some great surfing at multiple locations on the Outer Banks. So much so, it was too big to fit in one file! Music this go-round is a personal favorite: 'MacGregor'. We're still looking for new music so keep it coming, sponsorships too. And if you have any questions, comments, or fan mail, send it our way at:



'Wagons South' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Inconsistant surf and the promise of swell from TS Franklin led four 'Stupid Kids' south to Frisco... which led to a ferry to Ocracoke... which led to a ferry to Cedar Island... which led us to Wrightsville Beach - The slowest possible route, I now know. The swell was less than impressive, but at least the water was warm. Luckily for us, the "Miss Reef" tour was in town along with several pros for a contest. Many thanks to SurfKDH for our all-access pass, and Aaron for letting us crash in his mansion. Music on this one provided by Jata and Anonymous Prime. Almost forgot... Thanks also to ESM for mentioning Abstract Video Design in SurfKDH's "Website of the Month" write-up in this month's issue!

Update 7/26/2005: Wow! thanks for spreading the word everybody, we're getting hits from Australia and France! -STUPID KID Productions



'Sunday with Granpa' .wmv .mov

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A long weekend of watching the weather finally pays off Sunday afternoon. The wind turned and quickly knocked the size down, but for those of us who had been climbing the walls all week, it was a welcome change. Even 'Granpa' made it out! Many thanks to 'Daff' for shooting some on this one and to Outer Child for their musical donation (



'Taco-Taco' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

What happened? No surf to be found for a week now and everyone is a little restless. Luckly our favorite Latino Cat is serving up the specials every Tuesday night! This 'Taco-Taco' got a little out-of-hand. Hey musicians- keep the tunes rolling in! I'm running out fast. And ATTENTION all business owners! Abstract Video Design now accepts sponsorships (Someone's gotta pay for this website-the bandwidth is through the roof!). Many thanks to for this one! Contact us at for more information.



'Summer Dayz' .wmv .mov

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Summer has finally arrived, along with hundreds of tourists of course, but that doesn't mean there aren't still good times to be had by all. Okay, so we can't have head high barrels every day, but it looks like everyone made the most of this weekend. With a little help from a rockin' soundtrack by NagChaumpa (, it turned out half way decent, so I hope you dig it.




'Happy Barrel Day!' .wmv .mov

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Wow! Happy Barrel Day indeed. The wind switched to west this morning and all of a sudden it was like Donkey Kong all over the Outer Banks. Two broken boards before noon and I knew it was time to get some footage. Accompanied by local boys Mullet Roe ( and the 'cool guys' of Natural Level (, get your fill on the best of what the Outer Banks has to offer in 'Happy Barrel Day!'

Update 6/4/2005 : Many thanks to the thousands of people who rushed to check out 'Happy Barrel Day.' Abstract Video Design recorded hits from all over the east coast, west coast, and even the Netherlands! After being listed on for only half a day I had almost 1,000 hits. The bandwidth is running through the roof and it even got listed on Thanks again! -Stupid Kid Productions.




'Mama's Day on the South Side' .wmv .mov

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A killer swell hit down south on mother's day. Thanks for not taking it personal mom! Most of it faded by the afternoon though (Too busy surfing to shoot the good tide!). Still some good aerials, accompanied by the music of 'Jata.' They played Cinco de Mayo at Quags and hooked me up with a free CD! Check them out at

Update 6/14/2005 : Rootsy with Jata just emailed me with the great news that their song 'Ramona' is getting some airplay up in Philly on WXPN. Show them some love and go to and request Jata's 'Ramona' (Philly Local Pick) under the "Leicht Lunch" request type. Good luck guys!



'Roundwall Roundup II' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

The second annual roundup at the Outer Banks Family YMCA. I could only stay for some free skate and the women's comp, so check out for more pics and results!



4/2 - 4/3/2005

'Thanks For Dropping In' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Just another 'STUPID KID' production. This big-time swell brought everyone out of the woodwork on Saturday with overhead surf. Daff's stomach virus and some out-of-town friends who forgot wetsuits made for plenty of videographers. Sunday was smaller by far but still fun until the ratio of waves to surfers went downhill. Still some great surfing though - "Thanks for dropping in" guys, hope you like the video!



'Mer-Mer's Day Off' .wmv .mov

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Mer-Mer finally gets a weekend day off! Gotta take advantage of that waist high swell while you can! 'STUPID KID' camera jockey 'LaFonda' helped out and caught this session from the beach.



'Sand-Bored' .wmv .mov

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The 'STUPID KID' crew found themselves in late January, with no swell, an old snowboard and a brand new camera. The title says it all. Kids, don't try this at home... or anywhere else for that matter.




'My Desire' .wmv .mov

(Please right click and choose "save as")

Mullet Roe Rockin out at Port-o-call. Check out these Wanchese boys at their next show at CBGB's or online at